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Targonca Kft.

Our company is a fully
Hungarian-owned company,
dealing exclusively with
forklift trucks and lifting equipment.

To the website of Niketrans Targonca Kft.

Niketrans Forklift Ltd. was founded in 2002 as a 100% Hungarian-owned company exclusively dealing with forklifts and lifting equipment. Our mission is to offer predictable, long-term, and comprehensive logistics solutions for any industry. To achieve this, we provide outstanding performance Hangcha (HC) and Caterpillar (CAT) forklifts, expertise, and a high degree of flexibility. We have been the exclusive representative of HC forklifts in Hungary since 2004. Another significant milestone was reached in 2008 when Mitsubishi Caterpillar, one of the world's largest conglomerates producing premium quality CAT forklifts, invited us to be their distributor in Hungary. A testament to our high-quality services is that we continue to be the exclusive representatives of both global brands, which are currently among the top 8 forklift manufacturers in the world.

Over the past few decades, we have grown to become one of the most influential players in the Hungarian material handling market. This is evidenced by the fact that in the business year 2022, the combined revenue of our companies exceeded 6.5 billion Hungarian forints, making us still one of the largest Hungarian-owned forklift companies. The financial stability of our company is best illustrated by our highest level AAA credit rating, as certified by Dun & Bradstreet. We have outstanding experience in all aspects of forklift-related services, including forklift sales - rental – servicing - material handling - inspection, as well as forklift parts and forklift tire trade.

We are proud to have an exceptionally high, nearly 2 billion forints self-financed forklift inventory to quickly meet customer demands. There is no need for long waiting times or delays, as our inventory offers a wide range of forklifts with various operating modes and load capacities. We can prepare and deliver the most sought-after diesel, gas, electric, warehouse forklifts within a short timeframe. Our fleet of over 450 rental forklifts ensures that everyone can find the right lifting equipment for short and long-term needs. Thanks to our flexible leasing options, customers can purchase at a predictable price or rent forklifts from us for several years.

Our nationwide service coverage ensures that all our customers can quickly and efficiently access the necessary service and maintenance. Our service team, trained by factory trainers and consisting of continuously developed professionals, ensures high-quality forklift repair and maintenance. With our fleet of 26 service vehicles, our quick response guarantees that our customers can carry out their material handling activities smoothly without interruption. The procurement of quality factory forklift parts, forklift batteries, forklift adapters, forklift forks, fork extensions, forklift tires, manual pallet jacks is provided by our specialized parts department.

We are committed to providing reliable, efficient, and personalized logistics solutions for our customers. Our main strength - beyond the expertise of our colleagues - is our predictability, flexibility, and customer-centric approach. Our premium-quality forklifts are ideal and reliable partners for any type of warehouse or outdoor work. Our philosophy is to keep up with the advancements of the time, so we boldly embark on a new task: creating a streamlined, quality, reliable forklift online store, with our customers remaining at the center. By continuously expanding our product range, everyone can find the necessary product from electric warehouse forklifts to forklift parts.

We trust that the services provided by Niketrans Forklift Ltd. regarding forklifts will also meet your satisfaction!

If it's a forklift, it's Niketrans Forklifts: Raising the bar!




Hungarian Distributor:
Address: Balatonfűzfő, Szállás u. 1. H-8184, Hungary
Telephone: +36 88 451 488 // E-mail:
1,2 tonna teherbírású gyalogkíséretű targonca
Gyalogkíséretű targonca 890 000 Ft + áfától 2024. július 31-ig vagy a készlet erejéig ÁRGARANCIÁVAL!


1,5 tonna teherbírású gyalogkíséretű targonca
Gyalogkíséretű targonca 990 000 Ft + áfától 2024. július 31-ig vagy a készlet erejéig ÁRGARANCIÁVAL!


Új HC 2,5t Gázüzemű targonca 17 900 EUR+Áfától + AJÁNDÉK 1,5 tonnás gyalogkíséretű targonca, magyarországi készletről azonnal!
Új HC 2,5t Gázüzemű targonca 17 900 EUR+Áfától, 1,5 tonnás AJÁNDÉK gyalogkíséretű targoncával, készletről azonnal!


HC homlokvillás targonca piacvezető, prémium (CATL) Li-ionos akkumulátorral 15 900 EUR+Áfától + AJÁNDÉK 1,5 tonnás raklapemelővel
HC Li ionos homlokvillás elektromos targonca piacvezető, prémium (CATL) Li-ionos akkumulátorral, AJÁNDÉK 1,5 tonnás raklapemelővel

Minőség * Megbízhatóság * Verhetetlen áron!


Hangcha 78XEN önjáró Li-ion akkumulátoros ollós személyemelő készletről azonnal kapható
ÚJ Hangcha Li-ion akkumulátoros önjáró ollós személyemelő, készletről azonnal 3 990 000 Ft+Áfától


Akció 2024. július 31-ig! 1,5 tonnás lítium-ionos raklapszállító
CBD15-JH típusú 1,5 tonna teherbírású lítium-ionos raklapszállító targonca 24/20 V/Ah Li-ion akkumulátorral és töltővel csak 289 000 Ft+Áfa


Akció 2024. július 31-ig! 2 tonnás lítium-ionos raklapszállító
CBD20-JH típusú 2 tonna teherbírású lítium-ionos raklapszállító targonca 48V/20Ah Li-ion akkumulátorral és töltővel csak 529 000 Ft+Áfáért